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Family Night! Falcons Support Meghan Duggan & The Boston Pride!
Join us to support Meghan Duggan and her return to Boston with...
Ice Time and Essex Tech
Hello Everyone, It’s exciting to see all the kids back...
Falcon Apparel Orders Due Sunday, 9/11!
Falcon Apparel Orders Due by Sunday, September 11th!  Email...
Learn to Play Hockey Registration is Open
Danvers Youth Hockey has announced that registration is open for...
Thank You!
On behalf of the board, we want to extend a huge thank you for the...
It's about Falcon time for the 2016-2017 hockey season to co
It's about Falcon time for the 2016-2017 hockey season to commence! While...
Family Night! Falcons Support Meghan Duggan & The Boston Pride!

Join us to support Meghan Duggan and her return to Boston with The Pride on Saturday, November 12th, 6:30pm!  Discounted tickets and Duggan tees available!  See flier for details and please order by October 9th!  It would be great to have a big turnout for this, and from what I hear these games are awesome!!  They are very excited to have Meghan back in Boston, and to invite her hometown hockey program for support! And there may be more perks for the kids to follow!  No limit to ticket orders and all are welcome!! (Printable order form found in documents on DYH web site!)  

by posted 09/21/2016
Ice Time and Essex Tech

Hello Everyone,

It’s exciting to see all the kids back on the ice after our first full week of the 2016-2017 season!

The one topic that seems to be on everyone’s minds is our move into the Essex Tech facility.  The facility remains under construction, and I have heard dozens of rumors and theories about when they will actually open and we will get on the ice there.

This week the e-board spoke with rink ownership and management as we have been doing all along in this process.  They consistently state to us that the rink is scheduled to open on or around October 1.  This is about two weeks later than their initial expectation of September 15. 

Our ice operations team led by the tireless efforts of Steve Gesualdi, Chris Dembowski and Don Geraghty, is working very hard to find additional hours of ice time where we can.  We are looking very closely at the schedule on a daily basis to see where we can slot teams to get everyone additional ice time. 

A few things to note on this effort to fill in ice time between now and when Essex Tech opens:

1)   The schedule is subject to change, so check your team’s schedule early and often to catch any unexpected additions or changes

2)   The hours we can find may be oddball times or days or rinks, so make sure you have the rink, times and days correct, per the schedule

3)   Your teams will be asked to share the ice with a lot of other kids, maybe more than you are used to.  This is OK, all of us who coach are working hard to design crisp practices with this in mind to keep the kids moving and working on their skills.  The key thing is getting players on the ice, the more of that we have, the better for all

The board remains committed to bringing our practice ice time close to home.  Our move into the new facility may take a bit longer than first thought, but the end goal is still the same. 

I ask for your patience and understanding as we make this move.  Hang in there with the changeable schedule here at the beginning of the season.  We pledge to be open and to over-communicate with you so that everyone knows the situation to the best of our understanding.

Thank you.


Dan Covello

President, DYH


Executive Board:

Don Geraghty, Peter Davekos, Jen Petroccione, Chris Dembowski, Lori Donovan

by posted 09/14/2016
Falcon Apparel Orders Due Sunday, 9/11!

Falcon Apparel Orders Due by Sunday, September 11th!  Email EHorenstein@gmail.com to get yours today!  



by posted 09/01/2016
Learn to Play Hockey Registration is Open

Danvers Youth Hockey has announced that registration is open for its Learn to Play hockey program.  This program is intended for boys and girls 4-7 years old who have developed basic skating and hockey skills. The program starts in mid September and skates three times per week, including cross-ice games every Sunday on local ice.  Full gear is required and the program cost is $850.  

Register first with USA Hockey as an Ice Player for the 2016-17 season, and then register with DYH online at this LINK.  

by posted 09/01/2016
Thank You!

Street Hockey Tournament 2016

On behalf of the board, we want to extend a huge thank you for the many helping hands that made the Annual Street Hockey Tournament a great success, and to all of those who joined us for the festivities! A very special thanks to Meghan Duggan for spending time with the players signing autographs, taking pictures, refereeing games, and being an overall amazing role model for all of Falcon hockey and beyond! Thanks to Shannon Harvey, who organized all of the details of the tournament, to all of those who formed and coached a team, to the Bantam players who made great referees, to our DJ Dave Tibbits, our sponsors, Putnam Pantry and Ben Franklin Tees, to Total Entertainment for discounting the ever popular dunk tank! And to the many who stepped up to help out Jen and Erica run the logistics of the day's many events - Chris Dembowski, Peter Davekos, Johnny Freitas, Lori Donovan, Jeanine Oteri, Tara Horgan, Kyle Donovan, Ty Aldrich, Mia Davekos, Jill Anderson, Mark Anderson, Adam Horenstein, Kath Kiley, and many, many others - we couldn't have done it without you and we hope you had as much fun as we did!! It's teamwork like we saw today that makes our program truly unique and special! Looking forward to a great 2016/17 season! Go Falcons!

We will share a slideshow of pictures once they are available, but for now, check out the write up about the tournament in the Salem News! http://www.salemnews.com/sports/two-time-olympian-meghan-duggan-spends-time-with-danvers-youth/article_19cb8d5f-204c-5784-9960-dfcd8a39c5ba.html

by posted 08/29/2016
It's about Falcon time for the 2016-2017 hockey season to co

It's about Falcon time for the 2016-2017 hockey season to commence!

While some of the world's best athletes are in Rio for the summer Olympics, the other half are here in Danvers hungry and focused to get back on the ice. Fortunately, the young Falcons only have to migrate across town this year to a new nest...Essex Sports Center. Effective immediately, Danvers Youth Hockey's home rink is in Danvers, MA. Those long, snow filled commutes to Revere are now over. I know, I too will miss waiting for that traffic light to turn green only after what it feels like an eternity only to do a semi-illegal u turn hoping to get past the onslaught of oncoming traffic. Ok, I digress.  Luckily, based on the current rink completion date, our season is slated to open by 9/15 at the latest. This happens to coincide with more news. We are proud to announce that tuition is locked in at $1850 which now includes 2 raffle tickets redeemable for $200 if sold. This means that your Mite, Squirt, PeeWee or Bantam player tuition could drop to $1650! LTS (which is also moving to Danvers from Hockeytown) and LTP rates are even more appealing at $300 & $850 respectively. Inclusive within your tuition is a newly designed jersey/logo, pair of game socks, 3 hours of weekly practice ice, increased 16-20 weeks of specialized skills clinics with both PowerEdge and another TBD skills company, 8 weeks of off-ice land training, private goaltending sessions from Stop It Goaltending and months of both on and off ice activities. These activities include, but aren't limited to, our annual Street Hockey Classic with Olympic star Meghan Duggan, Boston Pride game, Providence Bruins scrimmages, Boston Bruins skate, Cape Cod tournament, a potential trek across the northern border for a CanAm Tourny and much more.

With so many upcoming events and dates, be sure to makewww.DanversYouthHockey.com a frequent site to visit. Both the Valley Hockey League game and individual practice schedules should be released soon. 

Conclusively, I hope this message finds you well and, along with the Executive Board, am pumped to see you soon and indulge at Putnam Pantry for our inaugural team meetings. 

Looking forward to a Falcon awesome season!

Pete Davekos
VP of Communications
Danvers Youth Hockey

by posted 08/09/2016
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