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Valentine's Day Double Header Game #1 "Agony for Agawam...

ALERT: Tryout Schedule for 2015-16 year Mites: Thursday March...

Valentine's Day Double Header

Game #1

"Agony for Agawam as Danvers Mite2 is En Fuego"

There may be 7' of snow outdoors but the heat that the young Falcons were firing would surely melt it away. Within just minutes of the opening face off, three shots blew by the opposing goalie by Evan Petroccione, Seamus Cary, and Cooper Dunham, two of which were assisted by Cole "Submarine" Andersen, crafting a three point lead. However, Agawan wouldn't go down without a fight as they fought back to a 4-3 deficit for the start of the 3rd period. Alas, tenacity proved victorious with a combination of Luke Horenstein in net blocking shots from all angles in the last twelve grueling minutes and Parker Davekos busting out a Hat Trick cementing the win and crushing all hopes of a comeback. Hasta Luego...


Game #2

"Police Log: Danvers Gets Robbed by Lynn"

As the M2's frantically headed south to compete in their second game of the day just 30 minutes after the win against Agawam, it was evident they would need more than heart shaped chocolates to win. With Trey Danehy winning every face off at Center, shots were firing relentlessly. Scoreless after the first, Lynn stuffed in a rebound making it a 1-0 game which then enraged the youngsters Luke Horenstein, assisted by Nathan Pinto, and Seamus Cary forcing them to dig deep pumping two goals past the pipes. Switching to a defensive mindset, Parker "Monkey Ballz" Davekos was laser focused as goalie stoning every shot, rebound and breakaway Lynn had in their arsenal looking more like a wall than a goaltender. Unfortunately, in the final seconds a kick save was made and covered, but the referees failed to blow the whistle allowing time for the puck to be poked past the crease making it a 2-2 tie.


"4-3-2-1 Boom!"

In the final regular season game for the Danvers Mite2 Falcons it was all out mayhem from the start. Danvers was up against their NorthShore rival of Beverly and knew it was their last attempt to satiate their desire for a win and playoff berth in the AA Division. And have it be known that even missing one of their star defensive players to a higher calling, Bree "3Wood" Anderson, the Falcons would not allow adversity to take over. Fortunately, it was Trey Danehy behind the mask who allowed only 4 goals after an onslaught of shots. Mercy was not in the mindset that day with points and assists coming from every facet on the bench. Anyone have a calculator?... Luke Horenstein with 4 goals, Parker Davekos with a Hat Trick, Seamus Cary with 2 and Evan Petroccione rifling off 1 chalking up a final score of 10-4.
Moving forward, its now the sole autonomy of the hungry Danvers M2's to fight for a playoff win next weekend against the Lynn Crusaders in their hopes of pursuing a Championship game. Stay tuned!




posted 01/12/2015

ALERT: Tryout Schedule for 2015-16 year

Mites: Thursday March 5 and 12, 530 pm in Revere
Squirts: Thursday March 5 and 12, 630 pm in Revere
Peewees: Wednesday March 4 and 11, 630 pm in Revere
Bantams: Wednesday March 4 and 11, 730 pm in Revere


DINING FOR A CAUSE - Feb 24th from 5-9pm

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Danvers Youth Hockey!

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